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Online Florida Traffic School and More

About TLCTrafficSchool.com

Serving all of Florida, TLCTrafficSchool.com proudly presents Florida's best alternative to classroom traffic school. This simple, convenient 4-hour Internet basic driver improvement class is accepted by all 67 Florida courts for ticket dismissal.

If you received a traffic citation in Florida, you can go to traffic school to keep points off your license. Many drivers take advantage of this opportunity to spare themselves the higher insurance costs from a Florida traffic ticket.

Getting started is easy! Just click on the GO button to sign up for the course through TLCTrafficSchool.com.

Florida DHSMV Approved Traffic School

Sign up for this State of Florida approved online traffic school course to receive the following benefits:

  • No points – §318.14(9), Florida Statutes allows a driver to attend a 4-hour basic driver improvement course to dismiss points from a moving violation.
  • No insurance increase – §626.9541, Florida Statutes states that a driver's insurance company may not raise his or her rate if the driver attends a BDI course provided that the driver did not cause an accident.
  • Safe driver status – By completing this easy online BDI course, you will be permitted to keep the "safe driver" notation on your license.
  • Chosen by more Florida drivers – Millions of drivers have taken an online traffic school course to dismiss their Florida ticket.

Serving All of Florida

Since these courses are approved for statewide use by all courts, you can take these classes for a ticket received in ANY Florida county. Out of state drivers can also take these courses to avoid having points reported onto their driver license in their home state.

If you wish to talk to a lawyer about your ticket, or any other legal matter, please visit the Ticket & License Center website at www.ticketlicensecenter.com.

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